Author: Jordan Raine
Jordan grew up in Devon, England. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Sussex, where he is investigating the evolutionary origins and functions of human nonverbal vocalisations. He is passionate about the mind and voice, and the interplay between politics, media, legislation, and the structure of society. His handle is @JordanChadRaine.

Trump Sends Dictatorial Message to Media & Intelligence Community: Suck Up or Shut Up

The lessons from Donald Trump’s first press conference should be worrying for those who value the role of our institutions.


Yesterday saw Trump’s first press conference in 167 days, and boy did it deliver. Despite his unerring vagueness, we learnt a few things in the hour or so he graced us with – for the first time he agreed that Russia did play a role in influencing the election, and he detailed exactly how he will distance himself from his business interests. Read more...

Closed primaries, early voting, and the media: does Sanders deserve the Democratic nomination?



Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are locked in a tighter-than-expected battle to gain the Democratic nomination for President. Nevertheless, while Sanders holds the momentum with seven wins in the last eight contests including a 13 point victory in Wisconsin yesterday, Clinton is still 249 pledged delegates ahead in the race to reach a majority, and Sanders will have to produce one of the biggest comebacks in political history to gain the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July. Read more...

Big Pharma and ADHD: Stop the overprescription of harmful medication

Ritalin for ADHD

Last time I talked about how reshaping our conceptions towards the idea that the self is dynamic and changeable – with awareness, desire, and perseverance – can lead us all on a path to betterance. This time round, I want to show how pharmaceuticals giants have pushed a culture of overdiagnosis and overmedication of ADHD onto us, harming our children and our society all in the pursuit of profits. Read more...