Author: Liss Smith
Liss studied Social Anthropology (BA) and since graduating has been perfecting the craft of hitch-hiking in Latin America. Besides enjoying life as an international vagabond, she likes discussing intersectional feminism, sustainable living and philosophy. She currently lives on the road with her loyal tent and her perpetual need to transform any thought into cultural analysis.

Leave Behind Your Culture: Is Tourism the Newest Imperialist Enterprise?

Leave your culture behind and immerse yourself in new ways of living.


Travelling, we are told, will teach you many lessons and has often been promoted for reasons of self growth. While I wholeheartedly agree with this, I also think we cannot simply arrive in a foreign country ready to ‘Gap yah’, or to fix a midlife crisis, and expect that our presence there doesn’t affect anything. Read more...

Ecological Paradise: Joysxee and the House That Floats

Photo by Liss Smith

It’s a weird sensation, to be in a house that’s also a boat that’s also an island. Where, stepping through the rooms with sand underfoot, the building sways side to side with an uneven rhythm whenever a boat passes by. I’ve been staying on Richart Sowa’s floating island for almost a week and I still don’t cease to be amazed at the surreal invention that for the foreseeable weeks I shall call my home. Read more...

Ladies, Our Time Has Come to Roll Around in Dirt

The reaction to the news that not all women shower everyday is sexist and elitist.



Recently a survey published under the ‘health news’ (news indeed!) section in The Independent Online created a stir. Headlined “Majority of UK women don’t bathe or take a shower daily”, it reported results that “alarmed” Maxine Flint, owner of Flint + Flint, the cosmetics company that had conducted the survey. Read more...