Author: Sabrina Faramarzi
A born and bred Londoner of mixed ethnic origin, Sabrina is a freelance futures researcher and journalist obsessed with uncovering patterns across socio-cultural phenomena, analysing obscure digital cultures and studying cyberfeminism. Aside from her work, she can be found at the latest electronic music night, swimming marathon lengths at her local pool or worshipping cats. Find her on twitter @sabfaramarzi and her cat on @yokodacat. Sabrina is also the news editor of The Unapologists.

Why Facebook is freedom for Muslim women in Iran

For many people in the western world, Facebook is a platform to share and connect with friends and family. But for Muslim women across Iran, it has become a vital tool to challenge the status quo.


Ph.D. student Marziyeh Ebrahimi and Associate Professor Ramon Salaverria from the University of Navarra conducted a qualitative research study investigating the virtual identities of Muslim women in Iran on Facebook. Read more...