Author: Sandeep Sandhu
Sandeep studied History at the University of Sussex and is currently working in London. He likes to write about politics, sport and music - basically anything you can argue about. Occasionally of a contrarian disposition, he prefers humour to well-crafted arguments, because you can't lose an argument if you don't take it seriously. His favourite book is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and he believes that anyone who disagrees probably just didn't read it properly.

In Defence of New Labour

While many pile criticism onto New Labour, the list of achievements are actually numerous and impressive.



Oh what a week it has been for the Labour party, with Dame Hodge protesting that the leader of the party is out of touch – during an interview most likely set up by her husband, whose handsome salary we pay for out of her expenses. Read more...

Remain is the Reasonable Option – And That’s Why We Will End Up Leaving


It appears that the financial crisis could have been avoided, as could the refugee crisis, the closing down of Tata steel and the rise of ISIS. I say this because almost everybody in the country appears to have been secretly harbouring expertise knowledge about monetary policy, economics and the current geo-political climate – and there I was reading Thomas Piketty like a chump. Read more...

Joy Division’s ‘Disorder’: Perfectly Crafted Chaos


There’s a moment just before the end of Disorder where the song erupts in to a marvellous crescendo of distorted guitar and Ian Curtis’s crooning. There seems to be a juxtaposition between the lyrics – where Curtis describes losing a feeling  – and the direction of the song, with the repetitive guitar lick hitting all of the musical pleasure centres, but of course these types of contradiction are very much why Joy Division can still capture the imagination today. Read more...

The Economics of Eurovision

cover image eurovision

I quite like Eurovision – hardly a controversial statement, even if some may find the absurd pageantry a little too much. As I was watching Ukraine’s last minute dash to victory (despite winning neither the popular vote, nor the judges’ vote) in the 2016 reincarnation of the franchise I couldn’t help but think about the cost of performing and hosting Eurovision. Read more...

How to Make a Murderer


Like millions of others, I have spent a good chunk of time since the turn of the year gripped by Netflix’s devourable documentary series Making a Murderer. This is one of those rare television shows that has transcended both its format and its genre to become the source of many water-cooler moments, heated debates and insane theories.  Read more...

5 Things that happened this week that are worse than someone not singing the national anthem


There has been furore in the press this week as new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn didn’t sing a song that is about a fictional entity (which can also be described as a long-established coping mechanism for existential crises) protecting a person who has a title that is a relic of the days of serfdom and, quite frankly, shouldn’t even exist any more. Read more...