Author: Seb Tiley
Hailing from Gloucester, Seb currently lives in London. He divides his time between his Masters in Broadcast Journalism at City University and making music with his band, Sugardaddies. Passionate about music and food, in his free time he enjoys making and eating curries and writing about music of all genres.

In Memory of David Bowie

david bowie

At around half past six this morning, the news broke that David Bowie had passed away last night after an 18 month battle with cancer, at the age of 69. Renowned for radically changing his musical style with each of his 27 albums, his often dazzling stage set-up and costumes, and sharing the studio and stage with a variety of musicians from Luther Vandross to Freddie Mercury via Iggy Pop, Bowie has always been a cause for intrigue and undying fascination. Read more...

PJ Harvey – Recording in Progress, 27th January. Part 2 – In the bowels of Somerset House

PJ Harvey

I realise now that the entire previous article didn’t exactly fully address the event itself, and for this I apologise – however, for those Harvey-heads out there, I hope that our brief encounter with Mr Nick Cave titillated you somewhat. Hopefully, in this 2nd part of the tale, I will describe everything I saw and heard during our 45 minute slot in PJ Harvey’s studio. Read more...

Musical Masterpieces – Vol. 3 – John Wizards

So here is the next installment of Musical Masterpieces. My original plan of posting one a day was rudely interrupted by a holiday to Dungeness. There’s a nuclear power station there. It’s lovely.


In this edition of Musical Masterpieces, I had the joy, pleasure and luck to meet and briefly chat to Emmanuel Nzaramba, the singer, and Alex Montgomery, the bass player from the South African John Wizards. Read more...