Author: Tarn Rodgers Johns
Tarn is a journalist from London and the culture editor for The Unapologists. Her background is in cultural studies and English literature and she likes to write about feminism, pop-culture and social issues (preferably all at the same time). Tweet her @tarnrj.

Students at top universities boycotting satisfaction surveys as protest

Students at some of the UK’s top universities have snubbed the 2017 National Student Survey to try and prevent the government from using the results to justify rising tuition fees.
Data from Oxford, Cambridge, Sheffield, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, University College London and King’s College London will all be missing from this year’s results, as less than half of the students eligible to vote responded. Read more...

Game of Thrones scripts leaked by hackers demanding ransom

US television network HBO have been targeted by hackers who have released 3.4GB of files, including the phone numbers and emails of Game of Thrones actors.
In a video letter to HBO CEO Richard Plepler, the hackers demand a ransom of several million dollars in bitcoin, saying that if the network does not pay within three days they will release a further 1.5 terabytes of confidential corporate data. Read more...

“I guess we’re trying to go against the expectation of what refugee stories are”. An Interview with Kate Scarlett Duffy — Dear Home Office

Tarn Rodgers Johns speaks to Kate Duffy, founder of the theatre company behind Dear Home Office – a new play exploring the experiences of young migrant men in the UK.


Seeing photographs of refugees arriving from Calais is the closest most of us will get to the unaccompanied minors starting their lives in the UK. Read more...