Author: Tarn Rodgers Johns
Tarn is a freelance journalist from London writing about psychedelic therapy, travel, feminism and social issues (preferably all at the same time). Tweet her @TarnRJ.

“I guess we’re trying to go against the expectation of what refugee stories are”. An Interview with Kate Scarlett Duffy — Dear Home Office

Tarn Rodgers Johns speaks to Kate Duffy, founder of the theatre company behind Dear Home Office – a new play exploring the experiences of young migrant men in the UK.


Seeing photographs of refugees arriving from Calais is the closest most of us will get to the unaccompanied minors starting their lives in the UK. Read more...

There’s nothing wrong with being square

We shouldn’t ignore the fact that unrealistic body expectations are also being aimed at boys.


Full disclosure: I’ve never actually watched Spongebob Squarepants, but like most people I’m familiar with his square, yellow, cartoon shape. It figures, then, that when I saw this advert for the new Spongebob movie on the side of bus recently I had to do a double take – loveable Spongebob has undergone quite a dramatic makeover and now sports a muscular and, dare I say it, sexualised physique. Read more...