Author: Tarn Rodgers Johns
Tarn is a journalist from London and the culture editor for The Unapologists. Her background is in cultural studies and English literature and she likes to write about feminism, pop-culture and social issues (preferably all at the same time). Tweet her @tarnrj.

There’s nothing wrong with being square

We shouldn’t ignore the fact that unrealistic body expectations are also being aimed at boys.


Full disclosure: I’ve never actually watched Spongebob Squarepants, but like most people I’m familiar with his square, yellow, cartoon shape. It figures, then, that when I saw this advert for the new Spongebob movie on the side of bus recently I had to do a double take – loveable Spongebob has undergone quite a dramatic makeover and now sports a muscular and, dare I say it, sexualised physique. Read more...