British model kidnapped and auctioned on the dark web

A 20-year old British model was drugged, kidnapped and auctioned on the dark web after being lured to Milan on the premise of a photoshoot.
Chloe Ayling was abducted, put in a suitcase and driven to a house in Turin, where she was kept for six days before being released.
It has been reported elsewhere that the young woman was released after her captors found out that she had a two-year-old son, because kidnapping mothers was against the ‘rules’ of their organisation.
Lukasz Pawel Herba a 30-year-old Polish national who lives in the UK has been arrested for the kidnapping. When he was arrested he was found to be in possession of a pamphlet by a group known as ‘Black Death’, which appears to auction women on the internet for money.
This incident highlights a sickening corner of the dark web, and although it’s unclear how widespread this practice is, around 20 million people are currently in enforced servitude as a result of trafficking worldwide.

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