Musical Masterpieces – Vol. 2 – Mac Demarco

So here is Volume 2 of Musical Masterpieces, featuring a lovely image drawn by the one and only Mac Demarco.


Most people are familiar with the odd-ball, gap-toothed, jaunty indie musician Mac Demarco, who came tumbling out of Canada with the album ‘2’ featuring such hits as ‘Cooking Up Something Good’, ‘Ode to Viceroy’ and ‘Still Together’. But his real glory came with his third album, ‘Salad Days’, which had Pitchfork drooling over him – they have recently made a documentary called ‘Pepperoni Playboy’ and had a large article all about him.


His music is certainly original – quirky, slightly de-tuned pop songs (in the sense of infamous Scottish label Postcard Records pop music) with lyrics, certainly on his first two records, about cigarettes, nightclubs and what I have always presumed to be cooking meth. He has somewhat matured with his latest album however, which features largely love songs and has him experimenting with keyboards, interspersed with his jerky style of guitar-playing.



Having seen him at the Great Escape festival in Brighton in 2013, I got the opportunity to see him at the Green Man festival just last weekend. On the way over to the tent he was playing in, and having bought some very high-proof cider (the man in the queue next to us overheard our conversation about what to get and he said ‘Get number 81. It fucks you up’), we staggered past the Rough Trade On Tour tent, which had a peculiarly large crowd outside it. As we approached, who did we see but Mr Mac himself, in a Simpson’s t-shirt and Viceroy cap, looking mischievous. We darted round the side and effectively queue-barged every-one there, but I stumbled up to him and asked him to draw me a picture. ‘Whaddya want man?’ he queried. ‘Sure’ said I.


Here is what he drew for me:



It sort of reminded me of Keith Haring.


He played an absolutely dazzling show in one of the tents, and though he was certainly more coherent and better rehearsed when I last saw him, he still retained his weirdness, clambering into the crowd and leaping from one of the tents main supports whilst playing ‘Still Together’ – kind of like what happened here:



Anyway folks, until next time!


Hare Krishna

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