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Ayahuasca may have the potential to treat anorexia

A study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs has found that ayahuasca might have the potential to help people recover from eating disorders.
Dr. Adele Lafrance, a professor at Laurentian University in Ontario, and her colleagues used 16 participants from North America who had suffered from either bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa and studied their reactions to the psychoactive tea. Read more...

Scottish government backs the people, bans fracking

In a heart-warming and climate-cooling victory for both democracy and environment, the Scottish government plans to place an indefinite ban on fracking.

A temporary moratorium on the environmentally questionable fossil fuel extraction technique had already been in place since January 2015, with a five-month public consultation earlier this year inviting citizens’ views on whether it should be made permanent. Read more...

What this ancient Babylonian tablet teaches us about the politics of discovery

Recent coverage of the Plimpton 322 has made inflated claims about the importance of its discovery – but does it hold up to scrutiny?
Artefact Plimpton 322 has been in the news lately – an ancient Babylonian clay tablet inscribed with numbers (now known as Pythagorean Triples) which has recently been hailed as a key unearthing in the existence of trigonometry. Read more...

Student network launches campaign for fair migrant reporting

An Oxford-based student campaign network group has today launched a set of principles aimed at improving media’s portrayal of migrant issues.

People & Planet developed the list in coordination with migrant activists, young migrants, and members of the media. It includes proposals such as a moratorium on the use of the phrase “illegal immigrants” in favour of more humanising terms, more direct input from migrants in coverage of their issues, and the neutralisation of racial prejudice in media coverage. Read more...