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The US exit from the Paris Climate Deal is a huge setback, but hope is not yet lost.

Given his morbidly impressive track record of saying and doing the worst possible things, Donald Trump has somehow managed to outdo himself once again. But it might not be as bad as it seems.


The first term of the 45th President of the United States’ term has thus far been defined by his consistent ability to lower the proverbial bar, even when everyone thinks he has finally reached rock bottom. Read more...

Corbyn’s IRA links are a diversion tactic – the real terrorist enabler is living in no.10

No longer able to lie about Labour’s manifesto costings, the right-wing press are now recycling vague, baseless allegations of Corbyn’s support for IRA violence. In the meantime, the Prime Minister’s present transgressions are overlooked.


Numerous articles have emerged in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s “refusal” to “unequivocally condemn” the actions of the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Read more...

Why has the Western Left allowed the Right to co-opt free speech?

The liberal Left harms its own cause by ceding to its opponents what has historically been its most fundamental principle.
Someone is invited to address an audience at a university, but backs out due to threats of violence.
Historically, it would likely be a conservative response to a progressive proposition; women’s suffrage was met with violence, as was the LGBT movement, certainly the civil rights movement, and indeed the pattern extends even as far back as the enlightenment. Read more...

An angry voice worth listening to

Any display of anger in political discourse can be used to dismiss one’s argument. But some have very good reason to be angry, and it’s time we listened.
Politics can be emotional. Some would argue it should be emotional. Those who claim to look at things objectively are often the most deluded of all, implying that they alone can look at a situation from a totally detached standpoint and find solutions where other, brighter and more qualified people have failed. Read more...

Liberal centrism did not win in France

Incoming French president Emmanuel Macron, despite his rhetoric of hope, won the election based on the public’s fear of an even greater threat than neoliberalism.


It is intellectually dishonest to call Emmanuel Macron a centrist. Everything about his background, record and platform suggests his economic policy will be one of unfettered neoliberalism. Read more...