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Ivan Rogers’ resignation proves the UK really is tired of experts

Sir Ivan Rogers’ decision yesterday to resign as the UK’s Permanent Representative to the EU is an incredibly important moment in British politics.


Decisions by British civil servants aren’t generally considered topics of national interest. But Rogers’ resignation, nine months earlier than his planned departure in September from a role he’d served in since November 2013, is different. Read more...

Donald Trump and Brexit are the symptoms – but what is the problem?

A Donald Trump presidency and the Brexit referendum are nothing but symptoms of an underlying problem affecting all politicians – a lack of ideas.


All hail 2016, the year that we finally learnt to stop trusting pollsters. Donald Trump surged to the presidency yesterday evening on a wave of high energy, Pepe the frog memes and millions of Americans going “fuck it”. Read more...

Theresa May’s Brexit March

In what I’d like to think is a nod to the idea of spring cleaning, the government has announced that Article 50 will be triggered in March next year. Strap yourselves in: it’s Brexit, baby.


This of course means that we will be out of the EU by March 2019, as the triggering of Article 50 gives us a two year time limit in which to negotiate an exit deal. Read more...

Emissions targets and economic growth are wildly incompatible: are we ready for adaptation?

Our emissions trajectory shows that radical behavioural changes, not market efficiencies and technological innovation, are pre-eminent if we are to abate climate change. If we have the willpower, there are also great opportunities for safeguarding welfare.


The COP21 Paris agreement on climate change calls member states to a common goal of preventing global temperature increase beyond 2 degree Celsius. Read more...