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An angry voice worth listening to

Any display of anger in political discourse can be used to dismiss one’s argument. But some have very good reason to be angry, and it’s time we listened.
Politics can be emotional. Some would argue it should be emotional. Those who claim to look at things objectively are often the most deluded of all, implying that they alone can look at a situation from a totally detached standpoint and find solutions where other, brighter and more qualified people have failed. Read more...

Liberal centrism did not win in France

Incoming French president Emmanuel Macron, despite his rhetoric of hope, won the election based on the public’s fear of an even greater threat than neoliberalism.


It is intellectually dishonest to call Emmanuel Macron a centrist. Everything about his background, record and platform suggests his economic policy will be one of unfettered neoliberalism. Read more...

What does the snap election mean for Britain?

With Theresa May announcing a snap election today, whilst enjoying a double-digit lead in the polls, the future of both the Labour party and British politics appears rather bleak.


The “Shy Tory” effect is a long-standing assumption of British politics that I find – like most things – is best summed up by a Simpsons quote: “Your guilty conscience may move you to vote Democratic [Labour], but deep down you long for a cold-hearted Republican [Conservative] to lower taxes, brutalise criminals, and rule you like a king!”


In previous years, voting Tory in certain circles was seen to be rather uncouth, which seems quite unreasonable in the abstract, until you remember the underfed local population, the utter lack of self-awareness the party displays and the general amount of putrid hatred they throw out at the idea of change. Read more...

The Mass Impeachment: A Satirical Premonition of a Great America

As Devin Nunes recuses himself from heading the congressional investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion, presumably to prepare a sturdy defence counsel for his own impending investigation, we envision a litigation-littered future for President Trump and his team.


It is with much bemusement that I must report on 16th August 2017, the entirety of the Cabinet of the United States of America, the Speaker of the House, and the President pro tempore were brought to trial. Read more...