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A Beginners Guide to Quantum Mechanics

quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics is notoriously weird and difficult to comprehend. Many people I speak to seem to know of it, but not much about it at all- which is my main motivation behind writing this article. I will (briefly) go through some of the insights that quantum mechanics has provided about the way we see the world around us, and hopefully clarify things- at least so that the next time the word ‘Quantum’ is used somewhere completely out of context, you’ll be able to call ‘Bullshit’ on whoever is trying to sound like they know what they’re talking about (happens a lot more than you’d think!). Read more...

UK set to be the only G7 country to increase subsidies to fossil fuels – oh dear!

Cameron Fossil

What a surprise – the Tory government lied about their intentions concerning climate change. After David Cameron hugged huskies, pledging to run the ‘greenest government ever’, and George Osborne told climate campaigners “If I become chancellor, the treasury will become a green ally, not a foe” [1] it seems they have stopped caring again and started going about their usual conservative business. Read more...

Mathematics: Invented, or Discovered?


Mathematics is profoundly effective at describing the world around us. It is the language physicists use to formulate theories about our universe, neurologists use to model our brain, and economists use to model the stock market. This naturally leads us to ask the question why mathematics is so effective at describing our universe- a question asked many times before by a number of great minds. Read more...

Ecological Paradise: Joysxee and the House That Floats

Photo by Liss Smith

It’s a weird sensation, to be in a house that’s also a boat that’s also an island. Where, stepping through the rooms with sand underfoot, the building sways side to side with an uneven rhythm whenever a boat passes by. I’ve been staying on Richart Sowa’s floating island for almost a week and I still don’t cease to be amazed at the surreal invention that for the foreseeable weeks I shall call my home. Read more...

Big Pharma and ADHD: Stop the overprescription of harmful medication

Ritalin for ADHD

Last time I talked about how reshaping our conceptions towards the idea that the self is dynamic and changeable – with awareness, desire, and perseverance – can lead us all on a path to betterance. This time round, I want to show how pharmaceuticals giants have pushed a culture of overdiagnosis and overmedication of ADHD onto us, harming our children and our society all in the pursuit of profits. Read more...