Tory sexual harassment dossier leaked to press

Allegations of sexual misconduct at Westminster are beginning to snowball, with a spreadsheet document listing the indiscretions of various Tory MP’s currently doing the rounds in Westminster.

The ‘Sexcel’ list, drawn up by staffers and leaked to the Sun, names 36 Conservative party members, including six cabinet ministers.

MPs from other parties have also been implicated in the current scandal, which has revealed the scale of inappropriate and often criminal behaviour in Parliament, with some MPs engaging in unwanted sexual contact and others – such as former Work and Pensions secretary Stephen Crabb  – using their positions to try to secure sexual favours.


The spotlight is now on the Commons authorities who are set up to deal with these situations but coming under increasing criticism.

Liz Saville Roberts, a Plaid Cymru MP, has said “A worker employed as staff of a member in this House told me today that she reported being sexually assaulted to the proper authorities earlier this year, who did nothing”.

There is also growing pressure on Theresa May to reveal how aware she was of the wrongdoings of her MPs, and how long she has known about the scandal for.

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister promised to suspend members and MPs who had engaged in any wrongdoing, but has refused to confirm whether she was aware of the scale of these accusations.

This scandal comes in the wake of the accusations of widespread sexual harassment in Hollywood, which was spurred on by accusations that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein had used his position of power and influence to abuse, coerce and rape numerous women throughout his career.

It has come at an especially bad time for Prime Minister Theresa May, whose majority is wafer-thin. Over ten percent of her MPs are listed on the document, including cabinet ministers, which could potentially trigger a reshuffle.

EDIT 01/11/2017: The full list has now been released to the press, and can be seen below:

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