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What do we think of the F.A?

Jack Wilshere

4/11/2014. The Emirates Stadium. Arsenal have just done an Arsenal and relinquished a 3-0 lead against - what most would describe as - a lesser team. There are 3 minutes left of added time and the home team have a corner: the chance for redemption, as well as the chance for a commentator to trot out the old line about “not being able to write a script like this”. Read more...

The Beauty of Winning Ugly


As the Barclays Premier League reaches the end of its 22nd season there are enough sub-plots to sustain a year of Coronation Street: will Leicester perform the greatest escape since I got out of my Year 8 textiles class by purposely giving myself an allergic reaction (I ate walnuts, knowing I was allergic to them)?


PJ Harvey - Recording in Progress, 27th January. Part 2 - In the bowels of Somerset House

PJ Harvey

I realise now that the entire previous article didn’t exactly fully address the event itself, and for this I apologise - however, for those Harvey-heads out there, I hope that our brief encounter with Mr Nick Cave titillated you somewhat. Hopefully, in this 2nd part of the tale, I will describe everything I saw and heard during our 45 minute slot in PJ Harvey’s studio. Read more...