Author: Charlotte King
Born and raised in one of the UK’s most vibrantly multicultural cities, Leicester, Charlie now studies Literature and Language in Brighton after having lived in the Netherlands for a year on an international exchange program. Her writing primarily centres on cultural and ethical matters faced by society.

Are you ready to rumble…? Let’s laugh in the face of tragedy.


Image by Box Brown

My perception of WWE initially stemmed from watching it over the shoulder of my brother on a Sunday morning, who, much to my discontent, would hide the remote until the end of the show. Following the years of begrudgingly allowing him to watch what I naively thought was absurdly big-muscled grown men engaging in real (and I always felt almost unbelievable) battles with one another, I resided to harbouring a great ambivalence to the whole industry. Read more...

The Death Delusion

Grieving is a natural process, but don’t let a preoccupation with how you’ll be remembered affect your life.




DeadSocial is an online site which, much like Facebook and Twitter, allows us to upload pictures, videos and messages online, visible to those we love and cherish conveniently at the date and time in which we wish them to be uploaded. Read more...