Author: Chavonne Brown
Chavonne is from Stratford-upon-Avon, which whilst not technically in the Cotswold it is every bit as sheltered and Tory. He's a theatre, film, and comedy geek, and is in the process of never leaving the University of Birmingham where he hopes to go from BA English Literature to MA Creative Writing. Catch him outside on Twitter at @theliberalcynic.

The Mass Impeachment: A Satirical Premonition of a Great America

As Devin Nunes recuses himself from heading the congressional investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion, presumably to prepare a sturdy defence counsel for his own impending investigation, we envision a litigation-littered future for President Trump and his team.


It is with much bemusement that I must report on 16th August 2017, the entirety of the Cabinet of the United States of America, the Speaker of the House, and the President pro tempore were brought to trial. Read more...