Author: David Babuschkin
David was born and raised in Cologne, Germany to a Russian/Jewish family. He studied physics at undergraduate and Master's level at the University of Sussex. He currently works in R&D at Micron Semiconductor Ltd. He mainly writes about science and the philosophy of science. If you want to get in contact, drop him an email at [email protected]

Breakthrough experiment pushes the boundaries of Quantum Biology

Physicists at Northwestern university have, for the first time in history, quantum entangled two biological systems.

This breakthrough could pave the way for utilising quantum effects to study biological systems, giving scientists a new set of tools with which to probe nature, and bringing us yet another small step closer to the realisation of quantum technologies.  Read more...

Human memory boosted beyond natural capabilities with a brain implant

For the first time in history, an implant has been shown to boost human cognition beyond its natural capabilities, signaling the start of the era of “memory prosthesis”. Dr. Dong Song, the leader of a biomedical engineering team at the University of Southern California, presented his team’s findings at a meeting of the Society of of Neuroscience in Washington, DC. Read more...

What this ancient Babylonian tablet teaches us about the politics of discovery

Recent coverage of the Plimpton 322 has made inflated claims about the importance of its discovery - but does it hold up to scrutiny?
Artefact Plimpton 322 has been in the news lately - an ancient Babylonian clay tablet inscribed with numbers (now known as Pythagorean Triples) which has recently been hailed as a key unearthing in the existence of trigonometry. Read more...