Author: Liss Smith

Ecological Paradise: Joysxee and the House That Floats

Photo by Liss Smith

It’s a weird sensation, to be in a house that’s also a boat that’s also an island. Where, stepping through the rooms with sand underfoot, the building sways side to side with an uneven rhythm whenever a boat passes by. I’ve been staying on Richart Sowa’s floating island for almost a week and I still don’t cease to be amazed at the surreal invention that for the foreseeable weeks I shall call my home. Read more...

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butters


The other night I was astonished - repulsed, rather - by a co-worker’s assertion that a toast-peanut butter-baked beans combo was the triumph of his culinary explorations. It seemed to me that this combination was an abuse of peanut butter that should never exist; surely this abhorrent concoction would end in a regurgitative outburst? Read more...