Author: Vilma Paasivaara
Vilma is a Finnish freelance journalist and photographer who currently splits her time between London and Paris. Endlessly curious about anything to do with culture, politics, and the environment, she likes to write about all of the above; and then some. Find her on twitter @VilmaPaasivaara

Why your phone might not be the reason you can’t sleep at night

The harmfulness of blue light to our sleep cycles has been widely reported on in the past few years, but a new UTM study suggests that our restless nights might in fact be due to our hunter-gatherer ancestry.

The study, recently conducted by David Samson Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UTM, supports the sentinel hypothesis, according to which restless sleeping and waking up during the night served as means of survival in hunter-gatherer groups back when sleep made humans vulnerable to predators and other threats. Read more...