Author: Yano Moussavi

Ivan Rogers’ resignation proves the UK really is tired of experts


Sir Ivan Rogers’ decision yesterday to resign as the UK’s Permanent Representative to the EU is an incredibly important moment in British politics.


Decisions by British civil servants aren’t generally considered topics of national interest. But Rogers’ resignation, nine months earlier than his planned departure in September from a role he’d served in since November 2013, is different. Read more...

Beyond the spin - Some truths about the General Election 2015

GE2015A little note before you vote today, if you’re torn between the major parties and all you’ve heard are soundbites/media headlines. Unfortunately we have an extremely biased media in this country, which unquestionably favours the Right. So the next time you wonder whether Labour can be trusted with the economy, consider this:


Labour did not overspend in 13 years of government between 1997-2010. Read more...