Jai Paul, elusive musician, resurfaces

Elusive musician Jai Paul has broken a four year long musical silence today, sending out texts to those who had signed up to his Paul Institute with the exciting news that there are now two new releases out.


The two songs are called Evil - Ruthven and Mystery - Fabiana Palladino. It is uncertain whether these are standalone tracks by the artists, or if Paul had a hand in their composition. The artists themselves are largely unknown; the limited information displayed on Paul’s site is that Ruthven is a firefighter, and Fabiana Palladino has worked with artists such as Sampha.


Paul has been the subject of much speculation in recent years, going to ground after his album was leaked despite being unfinished. This return into the public light comes just two days after it was announced that Paul and his brother had bought an abandoned warehouse to turn into a home for the Paul Institute.


As of yet, there has been no other information on any further releases, or on any of Paul’s work.


Feature image credit: dazeddigital.com

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