Loyle Carner kicks fan out of show for sexist remark

UK rapper Loyle Carner kicked a fan out of his show last night for making a sexist remark to his support act.
In a video from the gig, which was at the LCR in Norwich, Loyle Carner can be heard saying “I’m sorry man, you gotta learn a lesson my young man,” before describing what the man is wearing for security. “You gotta go. For being sexist, you gotta go” he says.
Elisa Imperilee, who is supporting Loyle Carner as part of duo Elisa and Srigala, says that she heard the fan shouting at her whilst she was on stage. “I have a chest infection and was feeling so ill but I was still trying to give it my everything, then he shouted ‘you have big tits’ at me” she said, speaking to The Unapologists. “I decided to ignore the comment because as a support act I didn’t feel like I was in the position to do anything about it. I just thought I’d try and ignore it and make the most of the amazing opportunity I’d been given.”
loyle carner
In a post on Instagram she pointed out the significance of the headline act of the night taking a stand. “It sends a strong message that not only is sexist behaviour totally unacceptable but that all of us, including men and particularly those in a position of influence, have an important role to play in challenging sexism, prejudice and discrimination whenever we see it.”

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