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No consequences for Tory links to Cambridge Analytica

For a group who were incredibly boastful about their clandestine nature during the recent excellent Channel 4 expose, Cambridge Analytica really don’t seem to have done a good job of covering their links to various facets of the British establishment.
In fact, they are merely exuding the sort of laissez-faire attitude one would expect from those born into the anachronistic privilege we seem to mass produce in this country. Read more...

UK gets bottle deposit return scheme - but where’s everything else?

March 27 saw UK environment secretary Michael Gove give the green light to a deposit return scheme in England, which will provide a small cash sum for each bottle or can that consumers return for recycling. While a welcome move, its important to keep in mind that this is the first significant tangible policy announcement since January’s year-late publication of the 25 Year Environment Plan. Read more...

Political propaganda is appearing in YouTube adverts

The rise of overtly political YouTube ads raises many ethical questions about the neutrality of social media platforms.
Recently, I was about to watch a commentary video on YouTube by a creator called WildSpartanz. The advert that rolled before this video was a piece of Turkish state-sponsored propaganda so clumsy I had to check I had not in fact slipped into a parallel universe where cack-handed whataboutism was considered valid political discourse. Read more...

The Corbyn spy story reveals the rank hypocrisy of the British press

In a shocking turn of events that would surprise Nostradamus, the right wing tabloid press has been having a bit of a field day with what seems to be a non-story about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

With the subtlety of a sledgehammer, the Mail and their ilk have been driving home the message that Jeremy Corbyn is a communist spy – or at least was, during the latter-end of the Cold War. Read more...

What Are Your Trump Predictions for 2018?

Donald Trump is unhinged, to say the least. With that in mind, here are some predictions for what could be in store for the President and his family in 2018.

Mass-tweeting and binge-eating his retirement days away in the Oval Office (or the golf course), it’s clear from his increasingly irate outbursts that Trump is not the most stable character. Read more...