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Reclaiming the climate change narrative from the corporate world

While the participation of corporations in climate action is welcomed, they have often prevented the many activists, NGOs and indigenous groups fighting climate injustice from being heard on the biggest stage.
Aside from some particularly difficult individuals, countries, and corporate donors, most of us seem to have settled on the consensus that climate change is real, manmade, and getting worse. Read more...

Traitorous Tories Carry On As Usual

This week, the Tory party has taught us that astounding and public displays of incompetence are no longer grounds for dismissal.
It’s amazing how things can change so drastically in such a short period of time. Berlin in 1989 versus 1990; Caitlyn Jenner going from an inconsiderate, selfish murderer to an inconsiderate, selfish, murderer with a vagina, and now we’re here in 2017, where it seems you literally cannot be replaced as Prime Minister even when your leadership makes Jim Jones look like a paragon of healthy management. Read more...

Out of sight, out of mind: Britain’s role in the Marikana miner’s massacre

In August 2012, 34 striking South African miners working for British-owned Lonmin were shot down by police in military gear. Nobody has been held responsible.  

“We are committed to zero harm to people and the environment” - Lonmin


On the 9th of August 2012, around 3000 miners went on strike at the Lonmin Platinum Mine in Marikana, South Africa, roughly an hour’s drive from the state capital - Pretoria. Read more...