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Scottish government backs the people, bans fracking

In a heart-warming and climate-cooling victory for both democracy and environment, the Scottish government plans to place an indefinite ban on fracking.

A temporary moratorium on the environmentally questionable fossil fuel extraction technique had already been in place since January 2015, with a five-month public consultation earlier this year inviting citizens’ views on whether it should be made permanent. Read more...

Student network launches campaign for fair migrant reporting

An Oxford-based student campaign network group has today launched a set of principles aimed at improving media’s portrayal of migrant issues.

People & Planet developed the list in coordination with migrant activists, young migrants, and members of the media. It includes proposals such as a moratorium on the use of the phrase “illegal immigrants” in favour of more humanising terms, more direct input from migrants in coverage of their issues, and the neutralisation of racial prejudice in media coverage. Read more...

It takes a lot of cash to have few things: the fetishisation of scandinavian minimalism

People are loving clean lines, less clutter, getting balanced and getting conscious with their design choices these days. Scandinavian design captures this essence and is increasingly infiltrating home decor, fashion, food and coffee. But why? and why now?
Within Europe, Nordic culture and society is put on a socio-economic, political and cultural pedestal: from their energy efficiency (even though Norway’s top export is petroleum), to their social-democratic approach to government policies, they really seem to be getting it right. Read more...

The world’s cuddliest diplomats: how China uses pandas for diplomacy

Exclusively native to Chinese mountain ranges, the panda has become a significant tool in the country’s evolving diplomatic strategies.
The giant panda is one of the most charismatic and beloved species on the planet. The clumsy bear has stolen the hearts of the public for years and has infiltrated many aspects of our day to day lives, from movie franchises to commercials to brand logos. Read more...