Pret to stop selling plastic water bottles

Sandwich shop chain Pret A Manger has launched a pioneering trial scheme to curb the waste created by disposable water bottles.
Writing on the Pret blog, CEO Clive Schlee announced the plans to start offering filtered water stations and reusable bottles in Pret’s Veggie Stores from today, and Manchester stores from October 31st.
The aim of the trial, explained in his blog post, “is to understand if customers will choose to refill a bottle rather than buying a new plastic one.”
Globally, humans buy 1 million plastic bottles every minute, with most of these ending up in landfill or the ocean where plastic pieces are ingested by marine life and seabirds.

Earlier this year, Surfers Against Sewage delivered a petition to Downing Street asking the Prime Minister to support a UK-wide bottle deposit scheme, like that seen in Germany. Last week, bar chain Wetherspoons announced that they would no longer serve plastic straws in their drinks.
In addition to the reusable water bottles, Pret offer a 25p discount on any barista-prepared hot drink when a customer brings in their own reusable cup for it to be served in.
Learn more about plastic waste by watching A Plastic Ocean on Netflix.

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