Peter Collins
Peter is founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Unapologists. Born in Ireland and raised in Belgium, he moved to the UK for his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Law and Human Rights. He works as a renewable energy reporter when he isn't writing about law, politics or social issues. He's @PeterColl1ns on Twitter

Jordan Raine

Jordan grew up in Devon, England. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Sussex, where he is investigating the evolutionary origins and functions of human nonverbal vocalisations. He is passionate about the mind and voice, and the interplay between politics, media, legislation, and the structure of society. His handle is @JordanChadRaine

Sandeep Sandhu

Sandeep studied History at the University of Sussex and is currently working in London. He likes to write about politics, sport and music, especially football and Kanye West. Sandeep’s favourite authors are Douglas Adams, JK Rowling and Hunter S Thompson (in that order).

Charlie King
Born and raised in one of the UK’s most vibrantly multicultural cities, Leicester, Charlie now studies Literature and Language in Brighton after having lived in the Netherlands for a year on an international exchange program. Her writing primarily centres on cultural and ethical matters faced by society.

Fiorella Lecoutteux

Half French and half British, Fiorella studied Literature and Film in Brighton and London before starting an internship in film distribution in France. She writes about social issues happening on the two sides of the channel, from the refugee crisis to media democracy.

Fernando Moncada Rivera
Born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in 1993, Fernando left when he was six and has lived in Namibia, Belgium, and the UK since. Currently based in London, he is studying Business Management with a focus on Marketing and contributes to the Unapologists on US, Latin American and free expression issues

David Babuschkin

David was born and raised in Cologne, Germany to a Russian/Jewish family. He studied physics at undergraduate and Master's level at the University of Sussex. He currently works in R&D at Micron Semiconductor Ltd. He mainly writes about science and the philosophy of science. If you want to get in contact, drop him an email at  [email protected]

Tarn Rodgers Johns

Tarn studied BA English and American Studies at the University of Sussex before going on to MA Arts & Lifestyle Journalism at UAL. Find her on Twitter @tarnrj.

Chris Brook

Chris was born in the United Kingdom and raised in Finland. He studied History and Politics at the University of Liverpool before doing a Master’s course in Broadcast Journalism. He works as a freelance reporter in England and writes about British and European politics or culture

Craig Taylor Collins

Born and raised in Brighton, Craig studied psychology at University of Sussex. He's an avid gamer, a pop culture aficionado, and he clams up when he has to talk about himself in the third person.

Hugh Reed

Born and raised in Devon, Hugh moved to Brighton to study sociology and MSc Innovation for Sustainable International Development. Hugh writes on sustainable development issues, focusing on labor relations and equity of sustainable transitions. Hugh is currently travelling Australasia, and interning with a community development program in Myanmar.

Liss Smith

Liss studied Social Anthropology (BA) and since graduating has been perfecting the craft of hitch-hiking in Latin America. Besides enjoying life as an international vagabond, she likes discussing intersectional feminism, sustainable living and philosophy. She currently lives on the road with her loyal tent and her perpetual need to transform any thought into cultural analysis.

Jennifer Whittingham

Jen grew up in Cornwall and moved to Brighton for University to study Geography and International Relations. Currently studying an MPhil in Environment, Society and Sustainability at the University of Cape Town.

Edd Kahn

Edd is from North London. A former film student, he has worked across film, television and advertising. He’s currently working in broadcasting and loves to discuss all related to film, falafel and football (unless Arsenal are losing).

Ben Zelig

Ben studied Politics at the University of Sussex, where he remained to complete his MA in Corruption. He now works in the politics sector, and in his spare time writes about myriad of topics from music to politics.

Seb Tiley

Hailing from Gloucester, Seb currently lives in London. He divides his time between his Masters in Broadcast Journalism at City University and making music with his band, Sugardaddies. Passionate about music and food, in his free time he enjoys making and eating curries and writing about music of all genres.